Free Spiral Binding Notebook Mockup PSD Set


Personal paper notebooks are a traditional way of writing notes and reminders. Many of us are not interested to use our phones for everything. This makes us addicted to our devices and is not good for our mental health as well as our eyesight. Recently, there was a survey held in India that people have started using dumbphones more than recent high-end phones. The reason is surprising, smartphones are making us dumb. The phones that we used to have in early 2000 where everyone started contacting each other with phone calls and text messaging such as the 3310 by Nokia are in the last trend and people are switching to these phones to get rid of social media.

Excess of everything is bad for our health and this is the basic rule of thumb. The new generation is more into tablets and gaming and they have left using or completely denied using notebooks and paper books. Every new design, concept, note, reminder, message, and rough work is done on these devices. On the other hand, some kids still like to use this paper notebook so they can fix their writing style with a firm grip on the pen.

Today, we are sharing a spiral binding notebook mockup in 3 different angles and compositions. Place your title design of the notebook if you are either the seller or the designer who is working on the project. Background color can be changed by applying fill on the last layer.

Free Spiral Binding Notebook Mockup PSD Set Free Spiral Binding Notebook Mockup PSD Set Free Spiral Binding Notebook Mockup PSD Set


Available Format: Layered PSD easy smart object insertion
License: Free for personal and commercial use
Zip File Includes: 3 Photoshop PSD Files
Resolution: 5000 x 5000 px

1. Place artworks on smart objects
2. Photoshop requirement: Adobe Photoshop CS5+

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